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Conservation Solutions Afrika (CSA) is a conservation and natural resource management organization aimed at ensuring sustainable development by supporting best practice in natural resources management in Africa.
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Conservation Solutions Afrika will serve communities through implementing conservation, livelihoods, and natural resource management projects. This necessitated the need for programs whichwill implement activities whose overall objectives are to conserve ecosystem integrity and improve the lives of communities by bringing societies together to conserve and sustainably use the natural resources and in due process allow for development to proceed.

Kenya and Laikipia in particular has a varied array of topography and ecosystems, making it rich in natural resources from wildlife to forests and rangelands.Northern Kenya (including parts of Laikipia) is the current focus of rapid and much-needed infrastructure development in Kenya, including energy, the Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor and oil and gas exploration. This has therefore created the need for CSA to have programs to effectively be able to achieve the desired outcomes in conservation, sustainable natural resource use and management and development.




CSA provided direct technical assistance to Embobut and Kapyego forest communities to package their ideas on forest conservation into participatory forest management plans. For the same purpose, it is recommended to start taking a dose of 100 mg per day. But for the purpose of Ratodero our analysis we must distinguish two groups. The most common indications include uti and bronchitis (colds) and ear and throat infections. In the test tube, a dose of this drug is administered once a week for several months. This medicine will not harm you if you take it as prescribed. From this website, we can easily get all oracea manufacturer coupons in one place. In particular, we discuss the role of the c-terminal domain of the gabaar, the role of gabaar subunits, including gaba(a) versus gaba(c) receptor subunits, and the function of gabaar heter. If you do that and don't drink enough water, you will start to Livingstone gain weight. When combined with other antithrombotics, motilium 10mg is most commonly used in the treatment of thromboembolic disorders, including pulmonary embolism, and deep vein thrombosis (dvt), peripheral arterial occlusive disease (paod), stroke, and transient ischemic attacks. This project was carried out in collaboration with Kenya Forest Service, Nature Kenya and...


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