Considered Solutions, Extended Sustainability

Overall Objective

The overall objective of CSA is to provide a balance between conservation and development interests, while ensuring sustainable livelihoods.


  1. Support to natural resource management and adaptation: bringing communities to the center of ecosystem and development.
  2. Increased understanding of the need and value of conservation, a healthy natural environment and  development among communities
  3. Effective conservation and natural resource management to create and maintain a healthy and productive natural environment with abundant and diverse natural resources.
  4. Ensure development is in line with ecosystem conservation and there is equity in access to benefits of natural resources to communities
  5. Equity and optimal access to natural resources that support and sustain livelihoods while retaining the value of ecosystem services.

Specific Objectives:

  • Information to communities and beneficiaries of development: information is power therefore communities and beneficiaries have to make informed decisions regarding development thus the need for them to be properly informed.
  • Securing livelihoods: this is the only hope for conservation, as it will ensure species survival, sustainable natural resource management and development.
  • Providing a balance between conservation and development interests; ensuring none occurs at the expense of the other. This will be done by giving advice to Government, communities, development partners and project financiers.


CSA activities are aimed at conservation and development; this includes conservation education to communities, securing livelihoods, protection of wildlife habitats and migration routes, management of conservation in regards to development, incorporating human dimensions in conservation, support to research and capacity building on conservation.

Anticipated Outputs:

  1. Secure livelihoods
  2. Conservation centered sustainable development
  3. Enhanced quality and connectivity of ecosystems and habitats.
  4. Better understanding amongst local people of the need for conservation of natural resources and the ecosystems.


Strike a balance between conservation and development: ensure species survival and ecosystems’ integrity while meeting the needs of development.