Considered Solutions, Extended Sustainability

Conservation Solutions Afrika (CSA) is aregistered conservation organization providing solutions to current challenges in conservation.

CSA has a Secretariat of Core Staff to support, coordinate and facilitate conservation and natural resource management. Conservation Solutions Afrika was formed in response the 21st century needs for conservation in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

Its objective is to ensure conservation of natural resources continues alongside development. This is primarily by incorporating the human dimensions into conservation practices. For conservation and development to coexist and be sustainable, there is need to approach issues from a broad perspective that is social, political and economic dimensions. Conservation Solutions Afrika seeks the middle ground for conservation and development; it will provide objective solutions for natural resource management to meet multiple goals where communities are the key to implementation and for the benefit of Africa’s people and the environment.CSA seeks to meet its objectives through a two-pronged approach:

  1. Providing objective and holistic advice on conservation and development to ‘clients’ who include the various financiers of development projects. This includes implementation of CSR projects that clients seek to undertake in their project areas.
  2. Implementing conservation, livelihoods, and natural resource management projects on behalf of donors and development partners.